Female Football Day

Cornwall Football Female Celebration

As part of Adult Female Football Week Cornwall FA is holding an event dedicated to Women's Football

At Camborne College on Sunday 16th October Cornwall FA will be hosting a Female football event aimed new and existing participants. It is a day to celebrate Female Football and encourage new people to the game.

It is an extremely exciting time for Female Football across the country with the success of the England Women's team and we hope that this unique event will help show that the game cam grow even more in Cornwall.

Starting at 10am and running until 5pm there will be a range of exciting events planned culminating in a small sided tournament for our existing Women's teams.

In addition to the Small sided tournaments we have the following


This can be tailored for all levels of fitness. It can help introduce you to football, re-familiarise those who haven’t played for a while, form part of a pre-season training programme, become part of a pre-match warm-up or just be used as an alternative way to keep fit. The inclusion of footballs adds co-ordination and core stability to familiar exercises. It builds skill and confidence of working with a football. Footballs are provided and you don’t need specialised kit just trainers and comfortable clothing. Instructor led aerobics class, typically lasting 45-60 minutes. Designed to be undertaken either indoors or outdoors, Soccercise combines a variety of fitness exercises with a football. The class is delivered to music and based on repetitions of specific exercises (i.e. press-ups, squats, sit-ups). Participants can pair up or create their own workout to do at home.


Futsal is a format of 5-a-side football that is played indoors with a smaller, heavier ball. The surface, ball and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. The number of differences to our traditional version of small sided football, such as the absence of rebound boards and amendments in the laws help to encourage and foster skilful, creative play above the physical contact that tends to be a feature of English five-a-side.

Coaching Adult Female Players

We are delighted to offer a 1.5 hour session to up skill current coaches and existing players to get additional knowledge around the game. Defending attacking and controlling possession will be on the menu-Participation encouraged.

The poster with details of all the events and an entry form for the competition are attached below.

If you want more information on the event please contact Warren Parker or Richard Pallot at Cornwall FA

Richard.pallot@cornwallfa.com or warren.parker@cornwallfa.com or phone 01208 269010

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