Referee Course 1

Referee Observers

Last Updated 30/10/2018 21:00

Both Observers and Mentors carry out a very important role within Refereeing.

Without these put quite simply, Referees would not have the chance to develop or progress.



A mentor is assigned to help newly qualified referees get through their first few matches and be there to provide vital first hand support and feedback.

This is then passed onto the Referee Workforce Officer who will use the visits as part of the referees ongoing development.



Observers are there to do exactly what the title assumes.

They will observe a match official's performance based around a set criteria which has been passed by the FA.

 An Observer provides vital  insight into a match officials performance both on and off the field.

This observation enables the Referee Workforce Officer to formulate structured development events based around these and enables the promotion group coaches to have open discussion with our match officials.

So when will a Match Official be observed?

Promotion candidates will be observed

Adverse report received- an observer will attend a game/ games to support the referee


This in turn should provide better support for match officials along with relevant support and development.


If you would like to find out more about Referee Mentors and/ or Observers please contact us using the details below.

 Stuart Kane- Referee Workforce Officer

01208 262981/ 07846270967 


Please find below forms and guidance (with some worked examples) for your use.