In December 2012, The FA Board approved English Football’s Inclusion and Anti Discrimination Plan 2013-2017, which brings together varied stakeholders from across the game with a comprehensive plan to promote inclusion and tackle discrimination in all its forms.

The plan seeks to address issues and incidents of discrimination in English Football and encourages greater inclusion across the game. 

As part of the plan, we are seeking to appoint local members for the County Association Local Football Anti Discrimination Panel, (LFADP). We are looking for a diverse group of committed individuals across the County with a variety of backgrounds and to be reflective of the local community and local football teams. Applicants need to be independent from The FA and County FA structures and have relevant experience of equality and/or judicial fundamentals to sit and adjudicate on such cases. 

The FA has already appointed a diverse National Anti Discrimination Chairman’s Panel and all cases across the country will be adjudicated by a member each from the following panels:

Appointed Nationally by The FA

  1. National Chairman’s Panel (appointed by The FA)

 Appointed by the County FA

  1. A Member of the County Local Football (Anti discrimination) Panel (to be established by February 2014)
  2. A Member (2 until such time as membership from b. Above is established), of the County FA Disciplinary Committee
  3. A Commission Secretary (normally appointed by the local County FA), to support the panel.

If you are interested and would like to apply for the position on the LFADP, please complete the application form and return it by email or post along with your current curriculum vitae.

Details of where you should send your application can be found on the application form.

Training will be given and all panel members will be required to undertake mandatory training and an online assessment prior to being appointed to any panel.

Closing date for applications is 5pm Monday 16th December 2013.

Please find all relevant documents below.


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