See our League Directory for all Leagues sanctioned by Cornwall FA for the 2013/2014 season.

Cornwall FA also features all sanctioned Leagues in its County E-Handbook and provides support, advice and training events for League administrators throughout the season.  

Please note that according to FA and Cornwall FA Rules affiliated clubs must not play against unaffiliated Clubs. The County Association will take action against players who are members of affiliated Clubs playing for or against Clubs who are not affiliated or Clubs who permit unaffiliated teams to play on their grounds.

For detailed advice on sanctioning and League support please contact our Senior Administrator Jo Small on either email or 01208 262989. 

11-a-side Leagues

The procedure for new Leagues wishing to apply for sanctioning is as follows :

New 11-a-side Leagues are required to complete the blank Form D below, purchase the appropriate Legal Liability insurance and submit a copy of their rules in addition to the  appropriate sanctioning fee to the County Office.

For details on the requirements for League insurance and how to purchase it please click here.

The procedure for Leagues wishing to renew their sanction for the next season is as follows :

  • In spring The FA will announce the changes to the FA's Standard Code of Rules (SCOR) for Youth / Adult, these will then be sent out by Cornwall FA to all sanctioned Leages, which then amend their own League Rules accordingly to reflect the changes. 

  • Leagues or Competitions must submit their proposed rules changes by 30 April each year

  • The County's feedback is included in the League Rules and the finished rules are then voted in by the members at the League's Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

  • A Form D is sent to the Leagues, pre-populated with the information Cornwall FA holds on its Committee and Member Clubs. Leagues update the details on the form accordingly.  

  • Application for renewal of sanction of rules together with the appropriate sanctioning fee plus form D or E together with two copies of the rules must be sent to the Chief Executive for sanctioning or renewal of sanction before 1st August in each year. Leagues must also purchase the appropriate Legal Liability Insurance (for details click here). A fine of £10 will be imposed for non-compliance.

  • Leagues and competitions must not operate until their rules have been sanctioned nor can they alter their Constitution, Rules or clubs without consent of the Association sanctioning the Competition.

  • If all requirements are met Cornwall FA will issue the League with a receipt and an affiliation number for the new season.

Small-Sided Leagues

Six-a-side and other contests of this nature are absolutely prohibited without the sanction of the County Association.

Small-sided Leagues are required to complete the blank Form D below, purchase the appropriate Leagal Liability insurance, submit a copy of their rules in addition to a sanctioning fee of £5 per team to the County Office.

For details on the requirements for League insurance please click here.


Sanction must be obtained for the playing of tournaments and there is a special sanctioning Form D for tournaments (see documents below). A £20 sanctioning fee applies for the event, which needs to be submitted to Cornwall FA together with a completed Form D, two copies of the rules, and evidence that ALL participants are covered by Public Liability and Personal Accident Insurance. Particular care needs to be taken when participants are not members of affiliated clubs.

Benefit matches

Sanction must be obtained for the playing of Benefit matches, making collections on grounds and presentation to players. Clubs applying for permission to play a Charity or Benefit match shall state specifically the object of such match, the proposed date and place where the match is to be played. In the event of permission being granted, a balance sheet certified by a qualified accountant together with the vouchers must be sent to the Chief Executive within 14 days after playing such match.