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Referee Insurance


Whilst your annual registration covers you with Public Liability insurance, for an additional £10 we highly recommend you also take out Personal Accident insurance too. With this insurance, you get;

  • Weekly Benefit £100.00 (14 day excess)
  • Life Insurance £10,000 (death from natural causes) up to age 60
  • Accidental Death £10,000 (death from accidents)
  • Permanent Disability £15,000
  • Loss of Sight in one or both Eyes £15,000
  • Loss of use of one or more Limbs £15,000
  • Loss of Hearing (both ears) £15,000
  • Loss of Hearing (one ear) £6,000
  • Loss of Speech £15,000

Age limit 75 years excluding Life Insurance, which is up to 60 years only. This can be purchased whilst re-registering or through the Referees Association. For more information please contact our Referee Workforce Officer Stuart Kane. 

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