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Guy Pallett: From Local Linesman to Registered Referee

Becoming a referee in football is a fantastic way to be involved in the beautiful game, whether that be within grassroots or on the world stage 
Having supported local football with his children’s teams for approximately five years, Guy Pallett is now taking steps forward on an exciting refereeing journey.  
GuyProgressing from casual linesman duties to an FA-registered official via Cornwall FA’s Referee Course, Guy has since developed a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the demands on match officials. 

Talking about his experiences following the completion of his course, he said: “I’ve been involved in football for around five years in total; many of which as a parent, running the line and helping out. 

“I needed a challenge and wanted to do something different. I just wanted to do a linesman course but they don’t exist, so I thought, why not try the referee route?”

Assembling six blocks of core information and learning, the FA Referee Course prepares learners as they embark on a career as a match official. The course itself combines both theoretical and practical learning to cover key skills and techniques, such as signals, communication, positioning and movement. 

Speaking to, Guy suggested that the practical learning helped to prepare him for difficult situations, should they arise in the future. 

“I was happy with the content and the facilities available to me,” he said. 

“I enjoyed the scenario-based tasks too. They provided the basic skills and a little confidence.” 

With match officials being one of the most scrutinised positions within the game, the course has also given Guy confidence within his own abilities, but he still recognises that there is room for improvement.

“Positioning and the confidence not to change my mind or decision,” he stated when discussing his main areas of strengths.

“I know I will get this wrong at some point, but I am always able to justify my decisions. I would like to improve my game management in the future.”

Cornwall FA is committed to supporting all officials and making sure they enjoy a positive experience on a matchday, as well as receiving respectful comments and feedback from players, coaches and supporters. It may be early days, but Guy feels he is already benefiting from this network of support.  

“The coaches and supporters are always fine,” he added. 

“As for the players, it depends on the decisions they do or don’t get. I’m happy with the level of support I’ve been receiving [from Cornwall FA]. I make contact after every game and receive views and advice.”

Judging from his development as an official and the positive feedback on his experiences, it’s clear that Guy has found his refereeing journey to be rewarding so far, despite its challenges.  

“I would recommend to anyone, do it or at least give it a try,” he concluded. 

“I recommend it but it’s important for referees to be placed at the correct level. Grassroots is taken seriously by a lot of people and the players are very passionate.”

If, like Guy, you would like to become an FA-registered referee, you can learn more about the FA Referee Course by visiting the link below. 


Alternatively, please contact our Referee Development Officer, Lee Swabey, on 

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