Purple Shirt

The Cornwall FA Referee Purple Shirt Campaign


In an effort to reduce incidents of intimidation and verbal abuse towards young referees, Cornwall FA is launching a new purple shirt campaign to signify when the referee on a matchday is under the age of 18.

This campaign aims to remind coaches, parents and spectators that young referees are minors and still learning various aspects of refereeing. Therefore, it’s imperative that these officials can fulfil their role in a friendly and supportive environment where they can continue to learn, flourish and enjoy the game.

Claire Summers-Evans, Cornwall FA’s Designated Safeguarding and Governance Officer, said: “80% of young referees walk away from the game in the first two years.

“We need that statistic to change, which is why we’re introducing purple shirts for young referees to signify when the official is under the age of 18, and therefore still subject to the child safeguarding legislation.

“When you see a referee wearing purple, please use that as an opportunity to offer support and encouragement, rather than words of an abusive or intimidating nature. Always remember – it’s their game too.”

Referees will be issued with their purple shirts at the beginning of December and whilst it will be mandatory for all registered referees aged between 14-16 to wear purple shirts, it is optional for referees aged 16-18 years.

To find out more about refereeing in Cornwall, please visit www.cornwallfa.com/referees

Purple Shirt

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