Without the time, dedication and commitment Volunteers demonstrate each and every week across our county, Clubs and Leagues simply would not exist.

Volunteers within football come in many guises, from the people who give up their time to manage and coach within their local club to the people who wash the kit and fill up the drinks bottles for half time and all that are in between. Without all of you, grassroots football in Cornwall would not happen.

That's why it's important to us that we continue to attract new volunteers and enable football to continue to grow.

So whether you are looking to recruit new volunteers to help run your club or league or are looking to give up some of your own time to support grassroots football, we can help!

Get into Volunteering

Grassroots football wouldn’t exist without the incredible volunteers that support the game - From secretaries and coaches, to line markers and tea makers, local clubs need volunteers to keep running.

There are loads of benefits to volunteering, including:

  • Building your CV
  • Making new friends from all walks of life
  • Working as a team towards a goal
  • Providing more opportunities in the local community
  • Personal development

Grassroots Heroes all over England play their part in making grassroots football possible. How do you #PlayYourPart?

Volunteers kick off your season
Safeguarding and Welfare


Whatever your involvement in football, you have a responsibility to make our game as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

This is particularly true if your role as a volunteer involves working or being with children and young people under the age of 18.

Find out how The FA and the Cornwall FA manages safeguarding nationally and locally. You’ll also find detailed information on the game’s safeguarding strategy, and how it applies to you.

Safeguarding & Welfare