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Cornwall Playing Pitch Strategy - surveys now taking responses

Please use the links below to inform the strategy about your club and your pitches.

As you may be aware, Cornwall Council has commissioned consultants, Stuart Todd Associates and BELAP, to produce a Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS).


This important document will set out what the current and future needs are for pitch sports across the county, can be used to help support proposals for improvements and additional facilities and pitches, and will help to protect facilities and pitches from loss through the planning system.

The study findings will be used by Cornwall Council and ourselves to help plan for future demand, support clubs, increase participation in football and help support funding bids towards new and improved provision.

Consultants are now collecting information and data about pitches, facilities, club demand and other key issues, principally through questionnaires.  For the PPS to be considered robust and fully support football, we need as many clubs as possible to complete the questionnaires, one of which focuses on your pitches and the other on your club.  The links are below and you can save your responses to return to them if need be.

Tell us about your pitches

Pitch survey



Tell us about your club

Club survey 

Please complete the surveys no later than Monday 27th November 2023.


If you have any questions about the surveys, please contact at Stuart Todd Associates.

In addition, we or the consultants might be in touch with you in due course to arrange access to your pitches and facilities. This is because part of the process requires visual assessments of the quality to be undertaken and while we already have some data on this there will be some gaps which we need to fill.  For clubs which use openly accessible public pitches, it is less likely that you will be contacted as an assessment can take place without a club representative being present. However, for some clubs, BELAP (Jacqueline or Kevin Bennett - or, may be in contact with you in due course to arrange a suitable date and time in November or December to visit your home ground.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting these important studies.