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Cornwall FA Statement

A statement on Misconduct, Social Media, Behaviour, and Respect.

Over recent weeks Cornwall FA has received several reports of alleged Misconduct relating to the behaviour of players, coaching staff and spectators. Additionally we are seeing an increase in inappropriate comments on Social Media and Football Forums. Cornwall FA takes any acts of Misconduct seriously and will be taking the following steps to address the current situation.

Misconduct Charges and Sanctions

Any allegations of misconduct that are received will be investigated and where appropriate charges will be issued in line with FA Regulations. ALL results of PROVEN misconduct will be published highlighting the details of the offences, offender and the sanction. This relates only to cases where further charges are issued and does not include Red Card Dismissals.

Social Media and Football Forums
– Social Media can be a positive tool to discuss football but far too much we are seeing criticism and abuse directed at our match officials. Several of our registered referees have raised this issue and have wondered why they continue when they see constant criticism and negative comments posted on forums and social media.

We have also received feedback that potential referees are put off refereeing because they do not want to subject themselves to abuse, both on and off the field and online. We fully support debate and discussion regarding match incidents, but this should be limited to the incident itself and not individual match officials.

Cornwall are in an extremely fortunate position that the referee development team, led by Lee Swabey, Simon Long and Luke Wilkes is as strong as it has ever been. However the great work going on is being undermined by poor behaviour both on and off the field. It is important to remember that referees take up the whistle as they have a love for the game and give up their time, as well as players and club officials for the benefit of football in Cornwall.