Referee in action

Cornwall FA Referee Promotions

Congratulations to all the referees that have received promotions this season.

Cornwall FA are delighted to announce multiple referee promotions this season which highlights the great work that referees across the county have carried out over the season. 

Full list of Cornwall FA promotions 2021/22:

 Level 4 to Level 3

  • James Long
  • Mark King

Level 5 to Level 4

  • Will Annear
  • Josh Eyre
  • Josh Morford
  • Tom Roper
  • Dave Bartlam (Royal Navy FA)

We are also delighted to announce that the following referees have received county referee promotions:

Level 6 to Level 5

  • Adam Batchelor
  • Aidan Hagley
  • Daniel Jones
  • Tom McCormick
  • Stuart McVey (Royal Navy FA)
  • Neil Pitt (Royal Navy FA)

Level 7 to Level 6

  • Lee Atkinson
  • Liam Bray
  • Nigel Colwill
  • Nick Kemp

Congratulations to all referees and good luck for next season!

Step 5 & 6 Observer to Step 3 & 4 observer

Luke Wilkes & Steve Lawrence have both undertaken training and development with The FA and have passed the relevant criteria to become Step 3/4 observers for next season. Luke and Steve have been great supporting our County referees over the years and it is testament to them both that they now have the opportunity to develop our senior referees on behalf of The FA as well. Cornwall FA would like to congratulate them both on their achievement and wish them both well for next season.