Let Girls Play Award

#LetGirlsPlay Awards

Do you know someone who has taken a stand to make a difference and has stepped up to give girls’ equal access to play football in school?

It’s time to recognise and reward those who are breaking down barriers and giving girls the chance to play in the school curriculum, at breaktime, after school – wherever, whenever they want!

These people are helping to #LetGirlsPlay – and we need your help to tell us who they are so we can make some noise about them.

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What is #LetGirlsPlay?

By 2024, The FA’s and Barclays ambition is for girls to have the same football opportunities as boys in schools and clubs. #LetGirlsPlay is a campaign to drive influence and change perceptions, showing that football can and should be played by girls.

It is bringing together a growing community of people of all genders, ages and backgrounds who want to champion equal access for girls, helping create independent, resilient young girls who will be a force for good in all local communities.

To find out more, visit: www.englandfootball.com/letgirlsplay