Why our players play coaching event

Cornwall FA deliver 2 club-based coach development events with Southgate and St Agnes AFC.

The Why our Players Play workshop was delivered across 2 evenings in Launceston and St Agnes.

Cornwall FA were delighted to have welcomed FA Regional Coach Developers Vincent Halsall and Lawrence Lok for the final coach development events of the season.

The final 2 coach development sessions saw Vinny and Loz deliver a practical workshop on ‘Why our Players Play’ which explored the motivations behind why our players enjoy football and how coaches can use strategies to maximise player engagement during training.

The workshop aimed to provide opportunities to cover the following:

1) What games and practices can I provide that give players the joy of scoring and stopping goals?

2) How can I help players to learn and understand more about the game?

3) How might I use football as a vehicle for developing social skills?

Vinny and Loz worked in collaboration to demonstrate different session ideas with the local grassroots players, from their representative clubs, whilst communicating with the coaches in attendance to discuss how the areas highlighted could be related to their real-life coaching scenarios they experience back at their grassroots clubs.

Cornwall FA Football Development Manager Daniel Greenough said, “it was great to have Vinny and Loz down to deliver 2 club-based coach development events. The way in which the events were delivered was really engaging with the coaches in attendance which hopefully provided them with ideas to take back to their grassroots clubs.

As Cornwall FA progress into next season, we will be looking to incorporate a more robust coach development offer throughout the season which will look to build on the events introduced in the first season back following COVID-19. Within this offering we hope to bring more club-based events to our offering to allow for coach development to be brought to the heart of local communities”.

Cornwall FA would like to thank the Southgate and St Agnes volunteers, coaches and players who supported the delivery of these 2 events.

If your club is interested in hosting a future club-based coach development event with Cornwall FA, please register your interest here.

'Why our players play' coach development event