Josh Eyre

Referee Profile: Josh Eyre

We spoke to local referee Josh Eyre as part of this week’s Respect the Ref campaign

This week we are speaking to local referees from across the county as part of the new Respect the Ref campaign which aims to increase the respect referees receive when officiating. Meet Josh Eyre

Why did you become a referee?

 I became a referee to enjoy football. I’ve always loved football, but never been that great at playing. Becoming a referee was the best alternative for me.


What does your life involve away from refereeing?

Away from football, I’m currently completing a Plumbing and Heating apprenticeship and I am a director for our family Plumbing and Heating Business. I have a keen interest in running, this helps towards keeping fit for refereeing. Finally, I am also a Parish Councillor for my local parish council, St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council.


How long have you been a referee?

I have been referring for over 3 years now.


What league(s) do you referee in?

Every county league up to St Piran League. I also Assistant Referee in South West Peninsula League and Western League.


What do you feel is the best thing about refereeing/what do you enjoy about refereeing?

I enjoy trying to make a positive impact on a game of football. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking away from a game, knowing you’ve given it everything you’ve got and having the majority of the players and management staff happy with your performance.


What are the toughest moments for you when refereeing?

For me, the toughest moments when refereeing are moving on from a mistake you’ve made. It’s important to ‘park’ a mistake and to continue to be mentally strong. This can be very hard sometimes, especially if it has a big impact on the game.


What has being a referee given you?

Being a referee has given me great people/communication skills and the confidence to walk into various situations and take the lead on it.


If you are interested in finding more about the Respect the Ref campaign, please click here and for more information on how to start your refereeing journey please contact