Alison Stedeford of Five Islands Football Club awarded Grassroots Project of the Year

Alison has been recognised for her contribution to developing football opportunities at the Isle of Scilly.

Cornwall FA were delighted to visit Alison Stedford to present the Grassroots Project of the Year Award as part of the FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Awards 2021.

The Grassroots Project of the Year Award recognises projects that have made a significant difference to the life of others in the local community.

Alison Stedeford has done just that with Five Islands Football Club, helping to develop the football opportunities for the children over at the Isle of Scilly. Given the geographical challenges of the Isle of Scilly, Alison has had to overcome many challenges and through perseverance, enthusiasm and ambition she has been able to develop the club’s infrastructure helping to support volunteers take a more active role and become qualified coaches as well as raise funds to further develop the opportunities provide by Five Isalnds Football Club. 

Alison first got involved with club around 6 years ago with two very keen footballing sons. As a result of this, Alison went to the club’s AGM and ended up becoming the club’s Chairperson. Alison expressed, “When I first joined the club, I had I had very little knowledge of how the club worked and ran at this point but wanted to learn and do the best job that I could! Since then, with the help of a strong and committed committee it has gone from strength to strength”.

When asked why Alison gives up her time to volunteer at Five Islands Football Club she expressed the desire to provide opportunities for the local players to enjoy football adding, “I really want the club to offer fun football sessions which provide the opportunity for players to improve, whatever their level. My own 2 boys love football and I want the club to be the best it can be for them and all their peers and beyond. I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing them play, have fun and develop”.

After winning the award on behalf of the club Alison said, “I feel very honoured to win this award and it makes all the hard work worthwhile. It is lovely for this to be acknowledged but it really should be shared with the committee”.

Cornwall FA would like to congratulate Alison Stedeford and the committee at Five Islands Football Club on the great work they carry out at the club.