Allen Lewis

Referee Profile: Allen Lewis

We spoke to local referee Allen Lewis as part of this week’s Respect the Ref campaign

This week we are speaking to local referees from across the county as part of the new Respect the Ref campaign which aims to increase the respect referees receive when officiating and next up we have Allen Lewis.

Why did you become a referee?

I became a referee to be on a football pitch again and promote the respect campaign.

What does your life involve away from refereeing?

Away from refereeing I previously worked for the Police and I now help run disability football club.

How long have you been a referee?

I have been a referee for 12 years.

What league(s) do you referee in?

  • National Cerebral Palsy
  • Devon Ability Counts leagues
  • Devon Junior Minor league

What do you feel is the best thing about refereeing/what do you enjoy about refereeing?

I enjoy getting mud on my boots again and having banter and friendships with colleagues and players. I also enjoy testing my knowledge and eye during games.

What are the toughest moments for you when refereeing?

The toughest moments are the relentless appealing and vile abuse referees are subject to.

What has being a referee given you?

Refereeing has given me confidence, many friendships and has helped keep me sane.


If you are interested in finding more about the Respect the Ref campaign, please click here and for more information on how to start your refereeing journey please contact