Respect the Ref

Respect the Ref

Every match. Every league. Every championship. It’s the referees who are integral to a smooth-running game.

This week marks the launch of the FA’s Respect the Ref campaign aiming to humanise referees to increase the respect they receive when officiating the beautiful game. 

Unfortunately, referees are subject to verbal and sometimes physical abuse during games. Like players, referees are trying to make the correct decisions throughout the match, however one incorrect decision doesn’t justify the abuse many referees receive on a weekly basis. 

The Respect the Ref campaigns aims to raise awareness that referees, like players, coaches and fans, are more than just a person handing out red and yellow cards at the weekend. They are normal people, all united by a love of the beautiful game. 

Enough is enough. We can all play our part to show the ref some respect, to help make the game the best it can be. So, are you in?


Without referees, we wouldn’t have a game.

Find out more about the Respect the Ref campaign here.