Referee Showing card

Respect Your Referee

80% of young referees walk away from the game in the first 2 years. Help us to increase the support and experience of our referees to ensure they stay in the game!

Incidents of poor behaviour towards referees from both players and spectators are increasing, resulting in many referees walking away from the game. 

Due to this poor behaviour there is a shortage of referees in Cornwall, meaning that there are not enough referees to cover all games.

If you are appointed a referee, don’t behave inappropriately towards them when you don’t agree with their decisions, that referee may not come back next week. 

Players, managers, spectators all working together will help us to keep more referees involved in the game and help us to cover more games in Cornwall with referees.

Referees make mistakes, they will have bad games, but don’t we all? Abusing a referee will not stop that from happening, it will not make them a better referee or keep the coming back each week.

Referees who are wearing a purple shirt are under 18 years old, they are minors who are still learning and need your respect, support and encouragement. 

As a county we are committed to supporting our referees and dealing with incidents of inappropriate behaviour towards them.

Help referees stay in the game!

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