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Tournament and Festival Regulations

If you are looking to run a tournament or festival this summer, please ensure you sanction it through the Cornwall FA.

If you are planning on holding a Tournament or Festival this Summer then it will need to be sanctioned by The Cornwall FA.

Please send the completed Tournament Sanction Form to Richard Pallot along with a payment of £20 to Cornwall FA (all details, including payment details are on the attached form). Once this has been sent, and payment made then Cornwall FA will sanction the tournament and will also be happy to promote the event for you via our website and social media channels.


Additionally, a minimum of one week prior to the tournament you must send the following information to Cornwall FA (details on Sanction Form as well):

  • A copy of the full risk assessment for the competition including Covid 19 and safeguarding
  • A copy of the administration rules and laws of the game that the competition will be played to (model documents are available from the FA and County Football Associations)
  • A copy of the public liability insurance certificate that will cover the competition – This must cover the Teams, Competition Officers and Officials officiating in the competition
  • A copy of the information provided to participants in which it is made clear that they are subject to the disciplinary processes of the County Football Association and that players are advised to consider their own private insurance to cover claims arising from their own injury or that of another player.
  • A list of referees – Only referees registered with Cornwall FA will be permitted to referee at your event and they must have in an in-date DBS. If you are unsure whether the referees you have appointed are registered then please email 
  • A list of all the teams participating in the tournament - please click here to download a copy.


Failure to supply all the requested documents will result in your tournament sanction being removed.

For those people looking for advice and support on how to run a successful tournament we also have an FA Tournament Guide available which will help you plan, and run a successful tournament.

If you have any questions please contact Cornwall FA Governance Manager Richard Pallot on 01208 262983 or email