Coaches from across the county attend online CPD event

Lawrence Lok and Vinnie Halsall, from the FA Coach Development Team, joined Cornwall FA to host the 2nd of 3 online coaching CPD events. The session focused on ‘Creating Positive Player experiences’ and was attended by coaches from across the county. 

After a brief introduction, Lawrence and Vincent commenced with a short moment of reflection with the coaches on the call tasked to reflect upon their childhood to identify their favourite football memories. This developed interesting discussions around memorable goals scored, tournaments attended and playing down the park


Following this, the Youth Development Phase (12 to 16 years) ethos and core principles were discussed with factors such as play, practice and competition being examined. Helping individuals maximise their potential was linked to the England DNA 3 Core Elements highlighting the need to develop the individuals through providing positive experiences through football.  and, on the streets, whilst growing up. This led nicely into some more collaborative discussions with important values being discussed and reasons for participating in football being shared. 

Building upon this, developing individuals was discussed linking to considerations such as early adolescence and the need to consider the differential development rates present in the Youth Development Phase as well as understanding individual needs and wants. Vincent proposed one method of gaining feedback from players with a recent example he has implemented at his club, using an online survey to identify what the players would like to gain from the additional month of training presented through their extended season.

The importance of gaining feedback like this was covered through identifying how you can best support individual needs within training sessions to help maintain player engagement and positive experiences encountered. 

Next, some examples of small sided games were shared with a focus on providing positive experiences within a fun, playful and competitive environment. Player ownership was also advocated with one game encouraging players to identify 5 different ways of scoring, with the first team to achieve this winning the game. Lawrence furthered this idea through linking it to football bingo, sharing a football bingo example card with the coaches on the call. 

To bring the evening to a close, Lawrence and Vincent touched upon some behaviours coaches can commit to demonstrating in order to help provide more positive experiences for their players. Further resources such as The Boot Room and England Football Learning YouTube channel were also shared to provide further resources for coaches to explore. 

Daniel Greenough (Cornwall FA Football Development Manager) said, “Again it was great to see new and returning coaches attending the online CPD and the engagement throughout was brilliant.

We have 1 more exciting online CPD event coming up so it would be great if we can extend our current reach and have a wider range of coaches attending and sharing best practice to help further develop the great work grassroots coaches are currently doing.

Looking ahead, we will be looking to do some consultation with the Cornish Football family to identify what coach support offering would be desired and best suit the needs of the local community next season. To compliment this, a blend of face to face and online events will look to further engage our local coaches”.


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