Plea for Compliance

A Plea For Compliance

Please abide by the regulations to help keep everybody safe.

We are receiving numerous reports regarding non-compliance of the government regulations involving social distancing and the ongoing attempts to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.

This is desperately disappointing due to the lack of respect afforded to everyone involved in football that are working so hard to keep the game operational on a game-by-game, week-by-week basis.

We are aware of the enormous efforts most clubs, volunteers, players, referees and spectators are taking to support the game and it is perhaps the actions of the few that are knowingly and intentionally putting lives at risk. 
No-one knows who that next infected person will be, no one knows who will be adversely affected and fall seriously ill…or worse.  It could be you; it could be your family member; it could be your friend.

Please abide by the regulations, please respect those that are working so hard to keep football operational, please help keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Dawn Aberdeen