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16 Clubs Score £24,054 Worth of Funding to Purchase New Goal Posts

The funding is being awarded as grants from the Football Foundation

Since February 2020, 16 Cornish clubs have received grants from the Football Foundation totaling £24,054 pounds worth of new football goal posts. The 16 successful applications will help maintain and extend footballing opportunities within the Cornish Clubs to help sustain long term growth.

Mount Ambrose Football Club were one of the successful applicants and have expressed their gratitude to the Football Foundation for the funding received. Alex Spencer (Mount Ambrose Secretary) stated the following, “The goals that the Football Foundation provided are incredible, we simply could not have asked for more. The funding process was simple and extremely quick in coming through, this was a huge help as we have had to dig up our beautiful pitch to get them set in place in time for the new season.”

Daniel Greenough (Cornwall FA’s Senior Football Development Officer) added, “It’s great to see clubs and partners taking advantage of the advice from Cornwall FA and the current funding available, in this case, via the Football Foundation.  Not only does the funding for goal posts allow football to be sustained and develop but also ensures the safety of our players, volunteers, referees and football family”.

If your club are interested in exploring possible funding opportunities, please contact Daniel Greenough at  or visit our Funding and Facilities page.

Mount Ambrose FC Squad Photo