IOG Guidance on Interim Works for your Sports Turf

The IOG have been working closely with various National Governing Bodies to offer advice and guidance on what works may be possible to be carried out throughout this period, and, what works may be required once sport resumes.

These ‘interim works’ documents are free to access for members and non-members of the IOG and cover a range of sports played on natural turf. They will be updated as and when the climate or current situation dictates.

The IOG recognise and appreciate that each sport, facility and the people that work hard to maintain these surfaces have very different circumstances and whilst these documents are comprehensive they are in place to suggest and highlight only the effective but minimal works to keep surfaces ‘ticking over’.

To access the ‘interim works’ guidance, please follow the link below.


Alternatively, to view The IOG’s dedicated COVID-19 page, please visit 

Please note; Cornwall is a predominantly grassroots county so we are aware that the vast majority of work is undertaken by volunteers. As such, Government guidelines on social distancing should be adhered to and this guidance from the IOG is for general information only.