One World Football

Local Clubs Take Part In One World Project

One World is a special art commission by Mark Wallinger which marks the centenary of the First World War through football.  It was inspired by the Christmas Truce matches that were played during the First World War, artist Mark Wallinger has created a One World football. He has taken inspiration from Earthrise, the iconic photograph taken half a century ago on 24 December 1968 from Apollo 8 – an image of enduring beauty that depicts a peaceful planet floating in the vastness of space.

One World is a celebration of how football brings people together. In partnership with organisations including the EFL Trust, Sport England, the Football Foundation, a limited edition of the One World football will be given to community projects and extraordinary individuals across the UK, with the invitation to create and share their own videos in response to Wallinger’s call to action.

In Cornwall we were lucky enough to have two of our local clubs selected to receive footballs, RNAS Culdrose and St Agnes FC were both chosen by the Football Foundation to receive the balls. Each club used the footballs to create a short videos spreading the message about inclusivity of football; sharing it with various types of teams and players that belong to their clubs.

St Agnes are currently the only club in Cornwall which offers opportunities for every form of football including mens, womens, girls, boys, vets, walking football and disability sessions. This encompasses the ethos behind the ‘One World’ project in showing that football brings people from all walks of life together whilst playing the game. Check out St Agnes’s video on the link below.


RNAS Culdrose were also provided with footballs, as a club they support not only local players across mens, womens and youth football but they support service personnel and their families. Their ties with the navy means they were a brilliant club to ambassador the ‘One World’ project. You can watch the RNAS Culdrose ‘One World’ video below.


You can take a look at the final edit of the ‘One World’ project video on the link below;