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Goal Post Offer For New Season

The safety standard that covers football goals were over hauled at the end of 2018 resulting in a new standard that covers all goals under 21ft x 7ft in size.

This new standard  - BSEN16579 – is now in full force and MH Goals are pleased to announce that our goals have not only be fully tested by ourselves but also by the Football Foundations preferred test house Labosport.

How and why we test has always been kept under wraps which is why we have produced the attached insightful guide which gives a bit of background knowledge on the new standard and how its differs from the old BSEN8462 standard.

With this in mind we thought we’d also offer everyone the opportunity to get the safest goals on the market at a fantastic price. The MG Goals starting 11 offer features  popular goal packages, all redesigned and fully tested, but now with 25% off until August. What’s more the price also includes the VAT and delivery so no hidden extras.

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