Bodmin FC New Tractor


Last September the club began the process of applying towards funding after seeing an advertisement online for the ‘Football Stadia Improvement Fund’ through the Football Foundation.  

With support from Cornwall FA Senior Development Officer, Daniel Greenough and John Scott of Vincent Tractors the club were delighted to be told they would receive 70% funding towards the equipment. Without being awarded this funding the club would simply not have been able to afford to purchase the equipment which cost almost £15,000 in total. On Thursday 14th February 2019 they finally received their brand new tractor and machinery delivered to them by John Scott of Vincent Tractors, John then gave a full demonstration of each piece so club volunteers Terry and Brian were confident using them. 

The equipment they received included a Kubota UK BX, SCH Supplies Ltd aerator and a Trimax Mowers Striker 150. Having only had access to this for a week it is already apparent that it is saving Brian and Terry a huge amount of time in pitch maintenance. They had been using an old mower from 1989 which they travelled up to Huddersfield to collect many years ago; whilst this has been a great servant to the club it would take up to 4 hours to mow the main pitch alone. With the new tractor they can now mow the main pitch and the two youth pitches adjacent in only 3 hours. The additional piece of equipment they also have is a 4-in-1 aerator which includes a slitter, brush, roller and rake. Bodmin’s pitch is notorious for waterlogging due to its location, having access to this additional piece will be invaluable to ensuring the club gets as many games played throughout the season. It will not only benefit the mens first team who play in the South West Peninsula League Premier division but it will also benefit the many youth players who use the pitches as well. 

Chairman of Bodmin Football Club, Chris Batters said this about the new equipment;
“We are thrilled to have received the new equipment; the support from both the County FA, Vincent Tractors and the Football Foundation was fantastic throughout and having access to this will make a massive difference to the pitch maintenance going forward.”

Terry and Brian, club volunteers had this to say;
“Brian and I are delighted to finally get our hands on some state of the art equipment which will make our groundsman's job so much easier and far less time consuming as well as our pitches a great deal more playable which can only be good for all associated with our club.”

Bodmin Towns New Tractor, mower and aerator...                                                                    The old 1989 model tractor they have been using...

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