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Cornwall FA is delighted to have supported Launceston FC in updating their floodlights after storm Callum severely damaged them in November 2018.

 The impact on the Club was sufficient to knock out the floodlighting system to such an extent that a home game under lights had not been staged since Cullompton visited on 2nd October 2018. This subsequently had an impact on support and consequently income for the grassroots club putting more pressure to replace the lights which is a  requirement at Step 6 in the football pyramid.

Unfortunately the club was initially advised that the damage was not covered by the club’s insurance policy, however, after a six month battle a substantial claim was eventually paid out which would enable the club to replace the lights. The insurance also covered the replacement of the above ground wiring and electronic mechanisms, but not the columns as they were deemed fit for purpose by the risk assessors.

This posed another issue as the clubs contractor then recommended replacing the 20 year old weathered columns; like most clubs funding such was a challenge.  Modern replacement columns now have the advantage of the ability to be lowered for maintenance work, saving money which would normally be spent on hired equipment to access the lights to maintain them.

Cornwall FA were consulted to see what, if any funding was available for such a project and  Daniel Greenough, Senior Football Development Officer at Cornwall FA, identified where funding could be available. An application, supported by Cornwall FA and the South West Peninsula League, was made resulting in funds being available to bridge the financial shortfall.

The work has been completed on the installation of the brand new, state-of-the-art floodlight system in good time for the new season. 

The first match, under the impressive lights, was played on  Friday 9th August against Sticker AFC.

For information on funding and support please email 

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