Small Club Grant Scheme Launches

The Cornwall FA have introduced a “Small Clubs Grant Scheme” to support our Clubs in the County that are not part of the National League system (Steps 6 and 7) and therefore have significant challenges in providing funds for the general upkeep of their facilities. This will be a “do it yourself scheme” and will invite applications for funding on the attached form below.

Cornwall FA is aware that a large number of our “small clubs” find difficulty in raising funds to improve/maintain their facilities and that any fundraising carried out is often restricted to their own membership/players providing such funds. Where Cornwall FA is satisfied that the need will assist clubs, a grant of up to a maximum of £500 per club is available. Should applications exceed the total amount available, applications will be assessed on merit and urgency in order to ensure the club keeps playing. Some applications, although successful, may be held back until further funds become available.

Below is a letter explaining the grant and the key deadlines for applications and approval, please read this carefully so you understand what the grant can be used for and how much is available to apply for. 

An application form is also attached  below which is available to download. 

Once we receive your application form we will send an email to confirm that it has been received and is being considered by the panel.  

Should you have any questions about this please contact us on 01208 269010 or grace.dent@cornwallfa.com

Cornwall Small Club Grant Scheme