Groundsman of the Year Winner 2018

The Groundsman of the Year Award is made annually by Cornwall FA for the groundsman who is judged to have done the most to provide the best possible pitch for their club through their dedicated voluntary work. In what has been a difficult season with the weather affecting training and fixtures it has been the unsung hero, the groundsman, who has been keeping football going across the county.

 On Saturday 5th May we were delighted to present the award to year’s winner, Ian Gregory of Hayle FC!  This season we saw our toughest competition in recent years with 10 Groundsman being nominated and judged, it is a real credit to Ian and all of the hard work he has done at the club. We are also delighted to announce the runners up in the competition this season;


1st – Ian Gregory- Hayle FC

2nd – Roger Franks- Wadebridge Town FC

3rd – Peter Thorne- Wendron United FC


Cornwall FA Board Member, Steve Lawrence presented Ian with the trophy on the day, here’s what he had to say; “Ian thought nothing of the appearance of a Board Member at Hayle's home game to St Day last Saturday. He thought I was there to "observe" the referee and was totally surprised that I was there to present him with a well-deserved award of Cornwall FA Groundsman of the Year award in front of gathered players from both sides. A well-deserved award according to the Hayle players who were then suitably inspired to beat second placed St Day 5-3!"


Our winner Ian was happy with his award; “Having just had the wettest winter I have known in 30 years of football grounds keeping I was delighted to be honoured with the award this year. I know that it was presented to me, but would like to think every groundsman in Cornwall had a part of it. Most, if not all, of us look after these pitches on a voluntary basis, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to call off a game because the weather has ruined two or three days work. So gentlemen please share in this award and if no one else thanks you for your efforts, I am. Remember after the referee, in importance, there would be no game on a Saturday if you and I didn't do our work properly. Once again thank you CCFA for recognising the groundsmen of Cornwall, everyone else will have the summer off but we will still be there reseeding digging, mowing and tending!"

Congratulations Ian, Roger, Peter and all of the hardworking groundsmen from everyone at Cornwall FA.

Groundsman of the Year 2018