Female Mentoring Event 2


The final FA Coach Mentor ‘Female Game’ CPD event of the year took place on Monday 17th December at the Cornwall FA office. With the theme of ‘Mince Pies & mentoring’ the evening gave the opportunity to review the programme so far, bringing together like minded coaches to share their ideas and experiences.

Coaches were grouped to allow specific outcomes based on the ages and needs of the players they are working with. With three groups tasks were based on; working with beginner girls, what are their needs and how can we support them. Group 2 looked at key themes of the game including build & retain, progress and penetrate and create and score. These were mapped onto areas of the pitch and then broken down to consider the key technical components of each theme to create session topics and focuses. The final group looked at player profiling based on the 11 a side game, using the four corner model to identify attributes and traits of players based upon position.

Following group tasks the coaches then helped shape the design of the programme moving forward into the New Year choosing CPD topic themes based on their own needs. Throughout 2018 the female game mentoring programme has engaged with nearly 40 coaches and continues to grow with every event, it’s always great to meet with new coaches and this event was no different.

Delivered by FA Coach Mentors Natasha Mills and Vicky Fisher the programme is open to all female coaches in Cornwall along with any coach working within the female / women’s game or with an interest in doing so. Along with regular CPD events the coach mentors also offer individual support to coaches within their own club environments. For anyone wishing to get involved in the programme in the 2019 please get in touch by emailing vicky.fisher@cornwallfa.com

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