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Club Accounts

Club finances are one of the key roles for a club and are usually managed by the club treasurer, It is important to ensure that income exceeds or at least matches expenditure and that adequate records are kept including details of all transactions throughout the season. 

The first step for the Treasurer is to set up a bank account in the club name, visit your local brand who will be able to support the club to create an account and the services they offer. 

Any cheques or withdrawals should require a minimum of two signatures from committee members, some banks currently do not allow the club to set up online banking so cheques are the common form of payment still within football. Cornwall FA now managed a lot of its fiances through the Whole Game System meaning clubs can pay directly through the portal, if you are able to do this it will save the club treasurer time and postage instead of using cheques. 

The Treasurer needs to keep account of all club expenditure, as well as income, to help the Treasurer keep up-to-date records the club should use a weekly account sheet. All teams could also have an account sheet, which they should give to the treasurer on a weekly basis.

If you would like any further advise on club accounts please get in touch using the details on this page. 

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