Rathbone Cup

U18 Rathbone Cup

                         This competition is for U18 Boys Youth Teams who participate across all levels of Cornish Football.

     Current Cup Holder: Helston Athletic
                                                                                                       (2018/19 Season)


                                      U18’s Rathbone Cup Round Dates
                     Sunday 6th Oct Rathbone Trophy (U18) Round 1 
                                                                     Sunday 3rd Nov Rathbone Trophy (U18) Round 2
                                                             Sunday 8th December Rathbone Trophy (U18) Round 3
                                                             Sunday 15th March Rathbone Trophy (U18) Semi-Finals 
                                                                         Sunday 10th May U18 Rathbone Cup Final

Rathbone Trophy Image

Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round to 25/11/18 Results
Quarter-Final 10/03/19 Results
Semi-Final 07/04/19 to 21/04/19 Results
Final 12/05/19 Result