Nanpean win Junior Cup

Bond Timber Cornwall Junior Cup

Proudly Sponsored By Bond Timber

This competition is for men's football teams who participate in football in Cornwall for the 2021/22 season.


Current Cup Holder: Nanpean AFC (2021/22 Season)

ROUND DATES (2022-2023)

Saturday 17th September Cornwall Junior Cup Round 1 (East and West split)

Saturday 22nd October Cornwall Junior Cup Round 2 (East and West split)

Saturday 19th November Cornwall Junior Cup Round 3 (Combined)

Saturday 14th January Cornwall Junior Cup Round 4

Saturday 11th February Cornwall Junior Cup Round 5

Tuesday 28th March Cornwall Junior Cup Semi-Finals

Wednesday 29th March Cornwall Junior Cup Semi-Finals

Sunday 30th April Cornwall Junior Cup Final

Bond Timber Junior Cup Trophy Image


Current Cup Holder: St Agnes AFC (2022/23 Season)


St Agnes U15

Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round to 17/09/22 Results
2nd Round 08/10/22 to 22/10/22 Results
3rd Round 19/11/22 to 03/12/22 Results
4th Round 14/01/23 to 28/01/23 Results
Quarter-Final 11/02/23 Results
Semi-Final 28/03/23 to 05/04/23 Results
Final 30/04/23 Result