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Every County FA is responsible for maintaining football discipline at grassroots level and abiding by the procedures issued annually by The Football Association.

Some people see the discipline side of the County FA as a 'money making' exercise. However, the role of football governance is to ensure that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and Cornwall FA are upheld and so maintain good discipline and fair-play in the grassroots game.

This discipline section aims to help people understand the procedures for Field Offences such as cautions ('yellow cards'), sending offs ('red cards') and other disciplinary offences (misconduct). Please follow the link to FA Rules and Governance for the FA's Online Disciplinary Handbook, which includes guidance documents and videos on these disciplinary procedures.

The Suspensions section will enable you to find out which players are currently suspended. 

Important for the 2017/2018 Season

  • Automatic Sanctions: The period between the offence date and suspension commencement date is 7 days.
  • Youth Football: All youth football will be processed in the same manner as adult football (i.e. a player is suspended from All Saturday matches, All Sunday matches, All Midweek matches etc).
  • Misconduct charges sanction guidelines: Certain misconduct charges will be applicable for a sanction guideline that is determined by a disciplinary officer. The sanction guideline proposes a suggested suspension and fine.
  • Suspensions in pre-season: New regulations apply relating to dismissals and suspensions in pre-season friendly matches. Any player dismissed during a friendly match, will be automatically suspended from future friendly matches, and not competitive fixtures, as decided by The Football Association or relevant County Association. Red or yellow cards do not count for the accumulation of offences, and will not affect competitive fixtures.  

    Where sanctions are imposed in respect of cautions on participants with their agreement (e.g. as part of tournament rules), any such sanction may only apply to friendly matches. They do not apply to first-team competitive matches or any other competitive fixture.

    It should be noted, however, that charges of misconduct pursuant to Rule E3 of the Rules of The Football Association may be brought against a player in relation to any incident arising in a friendly match.  

    A Regulatory Commission or County Disciplinary Commission considering a charge under Rule E3 shall have regard to any punishment imposed and shall be free to impose a suspension which may affect competitive fixtures at its discretion.



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