The Cornwall FA team administer and work within all areas of football to benefit players, coaches, clubs, leagues and referees throughout the county.

We provide resources, information, news, advice, guidance and support through our Cornwall FA website.

The team at the Cornwall FA are proud to offer administrative support in all areas of the business through the County Office ensuring our customers are always receiving the best support from us.

To engage our wider football community we provide and manage a range of county cup competitions male, female adult and youth.

We recruit, train and support referees and referee development and we also provide a comprehensive coach education programme to support the qualifications and development of grassroots club coaches. We support clubs, leagues and referees through FA processes including Full-Time and the Whole Game System.

We assist clubs with the development of their facilities each season including grant funding, support with planning application, ground grading and also through the pitch improvement programme.

The safety of all youth players in Cornwall is paramount to Cornwall FA and we work tirelessly alongside our Club and League Welfare Officers to ensure that grassroots football coaches have the relevant Safeguarding Qualifications and follow Best Practice guidelines to ensure young players can play football in a safe and fun environment.