The FA Coach Mentor Programme

FA Coach Mentor Programme

Offering on-the-ground support

Here to support you every step of the way.

This programme represents a major investment in the grassroots game and offers on-the-ground support to FA Charter Standard Clubs, leagues and target groups.


The FA sees the development of coaches as central to the development of the game, and working collaboratively accelerates learning and supports coaches’ development.


Mentoring support at a club could include:

  • Developing a whole club philosophy
  • Group coaching demonstrations
  • 1:1 coaching, match-day observation and support
  • Signposting to relevant courses and events
  • Needs analysis for individual coaches
  • Modelling of coaching sessions for individual coaches
  • Individual feedback
  • An individual learning programme


We always welcome coaches to get involved with the Mentor Programme, to register your interest to receive support from one of our FA Coach Mentors please click HERE

cornwall fA Mentors

Here are some key facts about the FA Mentor Programme in Cornwall;

  • From July - September 2018 our mentors have already worked with +6 more coaches and completed almost 50 more hours than this time last season 
  • The total hours so far from our 5 mentors working with 36 coaches in 146 equaling £3,650 of investment

                       2017-18 SEASON

  • Cornwall FA had a total of 690 hours representing an investment of £17,125 across the 17/18 season.
  • 5 Mentors in Cornwall worked with 216 coaches
  • 2 of our Mentors are Regional Mentors helping to support other Mentors in Devon and Cornwall
  • Support visit to the Isles of Scilly to deliver sessions to coaches and players on the island

cornwall FA COACH MENTORS 2017-18


Natasha Mills
Female and Disability


Martin Burnell
East Cornwall/ Marketing



Vicky Fisher
Female and Disability 


FA Coach Mentor Tash Mills

FA Mentor Martin Burnell Profile

Vicky Fisher Coach Mentor


        Dave Lea
West Cornwall/ Coach Education Lead      


         Glynn Hooper
         Mid-Cornwall/ Legacy Mentor



FA Coach Mentor Dave Lea

 Glynn Hooper Coach Mentor

about our fa coach mentors

Dave Lea (West Cornwall & Truro)

I am now into year three of The FA Coach Mentor program and have links into five clubs in the county. I saw this role as a great opportunity to continue my passion for football and coaching. I never cease to become tired of seeing young people playing football and enjoying every minute of it and for me to encourage coaches to make that involvement even better is just a great feeling.

Coaching, mentoring, planning sessions, talking football and meeting all those people who give their time to volunteer to coach teams, be it the under 8's or the under 16's, why wouldn't you want to be involved? I am fortunate enough to be able to continue my learning journey in coaching and I only hope that in my journey I will be help and encourage other coaches along theirs.


Glynn Hooper (Mid Cornwall)

I am currently the Cornwall U18 manager after many years of playing, then taking on various coaching roles. My full-time job is a PE teacher at Truro School.  One of my responsibilities  is to run the Football Programme which has developed over the last 10 years. 

The Mentoring role interested me because I have always thought we needed to start with the coaches before trying to educate our players. The FA initiative excited me and I knew it was a wonderful opportunity to try and reach out to the football community. I am now in my third year of mentoring and have had contact with over 100 coaches within the club structure. Watching coaches develop in their confidence, and witnessing their players responding in a positive manner after my interventions is the most rewarding part of the role. 


Tash Mills (Female & Disability)
I am currently involved in:

FA Coach Mentor

FA L1 and L2 Affiliate Tutor 

ACC Head Coach U16's

REC Head Coach U14's

 The reason I got into Mentoring:

 I am an aspiring coach and have been fortunate enough to have mentors who have supported and guided me so far on my coaching journey and I wanted the opportunity to support other aspiring coaches on their journeys.

 I enjoy working with coaches, learning from coaches, sharing best practice and providing opportunities to bounce ideas to help and develop coaches which will ultimately have an impact on the players.


Martin Burnell (East Cornwall & Helston)

I was fortunate to serve in the Royal Air Force as a Physical Training Instructor for over 34years and I was involved in all facets of coaching, development, mentoring and playing football in a military and civilian environment during that period.

With knowledge gain throughout my own football journey I wanted to try and give something back to a sport that had given me so much pleasure and enjoyment. When the opportunity arose for me to become a FA Coach Mentor, I thought it would be great to help Coaches, parents and our younger players. I enjoy the engagement with all the coaches and watching them grow and challenge themselves beyond what they would usually do. I love the support that the teams get for all our FA Coach Mentor’s in Cornwall as we are a passionate football county who want to grow and develop our younger players of the future.   

Vicky Fisher (Female and Disability)

I’m incredibly excited to part of the mentoring team. I’ve been coaching since the age of 16 and have experience coaching  boys, girls, women’s and disability players both in the UK and overseas.

 I’m passionate about developing both players and coaches and the mentoring role gives me the opportunity to support local coaches, share good practice and meet new coaches at different stages of their own coaching journeys. I’ve been lucky to have mentors that have both challenged and inspired me to develop as a coach and I hope to be able to do the same for others on their own  journeys.

female coach mentor programme events

The Female Game CPD Events for the rest of 2018 have been announced, please see below the details of the events and how to book on. 


These events are designed for female coaches, coaches working with female players or in the female game. 

CCFA Female Mentoring Scheme Events 2018


FA Safeguarding Workshop

Name: Barry

Club: Truro City

Mentor: Dave Lea

"I just wanted to send you a quick note. I know you are aware of me completing my youth award yesterday, so, I wanted to say a massive thank you to you personally because you have been a great mentor for me and also other members here at Truro city youth. Dave, you have always assisted me in lots of challenges that I have faced in my coaching pathway and also on the mod 3 with the guidance and reassurance you have given me I believe you have guided me through this challenge with the outcome being successful. You’re a fantastic mentor and a  great bloke. I look forward to my next step in my pathway.

Our Mentors work hard to help individuals develop their coaching and delivery so its always nice to get positive feedback, here are some of the comments from coaches involved;


Name: Dave

Club: St Day

Mentor: Dave Lea

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing advice and support yesterday morning. The players (even though we only had three) went away happy after another FUN session. After speaking to a few parents afterwards they felt it was another session that met their child's needs. So thank you for being apart of that session. I look forward to the next training session that you will be able to attend" 



We always welcome coaches to get involved with the Mentor Programme, to register your interest to receive support from one of our FA Coach Mentors please click HERE



No. The FA Coach Mentor programme is a free FA initiative where a Coach Mentor can offer up to 100 hours of support per season.

Clubs that are keen to develop a positive coaching ethos, philosophy and develop their own in-house mentoring/coach support system.

Coaches can utilise this opportunity to start a legacy of positive coaching within their own clubs.

The FA Coach Mentor Programme is also committed to providing 5000 hours per season specifically to work with BAME, female and disabled coaches across the country.

If you are a BAME coach or working with BAME coaches/players and would like some support from one of our Coach Mentors, please contact Steve Smithies with your name, club name, age group and the County FA that you are affiliated to –

If you are a female coach or working with female coaches/players and would like some support from one of our Coach Mentors, please contact Samantha Griffiths with your name, club name, age group and the County FA that you are affiliated to –

If you are a coach with a disability and would like some support from one of our Coach Mentors, please contact Kevin England with your name, club name, age group and the County FA that you are affiliated to

If you are interested in becoming an FA Coach Mentor please check our website for vacancies. If no vacancies are available contact the Regional Coach Mentor Officer in your region who can provide an update of the programme in and around your area.

Please note that there two application periods throughout the season - June and December.

Pre-requisites to become an FA Coach Mentor are:

  • Minimum FA Level 2 in Coaching Football
  • Member of The FA Licensed Coaches Club
  • Valid FA Criminal Record Check

North West – Steve Smithies –

North East – Graeme Carrick –

East Midlands – Samantha Griffiths –

West Midlands – Andy Somers –

East – Darren Moss –

South East – Kevin England –

London/ Armed Forces/ Jersey/ Guernsey – Kevin Green –

South West – Ciara Allan –

Get In Touch

For more information on The FA Coach Mentor programme, please contact:

Ciara Allen

Tele: 07812670154                                    Email:

If you would like to register your interest to be part of the programme and receive mentor support please click HERE

The FA Coaching Bursary

An inclusive initiative designed to support more coaches from under-represented communities with a financial contribution to progress on their coaching pathways

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