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Local Safeguarding Support

local support and initiatives here in cornwall.

Cornwall FA offers a range of safeguarding services and training to help create a safe and enjoyable football experience for everyone. We ensure safeguarding requirements are met as a requirement of club affiliation and we support clubs to maintain these standards. This includes making unannounced safeguarding visits to clubs.

At the beginning of each season, all clubs need to name a Club Welfare Officer (CWO). We recognise that, without volunteer CWOs, football in Cornwall wouldn't have as many safeguards in place. Although their hard work is not always noticed when things are going well, you can be sure everyone will be asking questions if they go wrong! These people, who are DBS checked (CRC), will be able to advise you of any concerns you may have regarding young people.

They will have, or will be, attending a Safeguarding Children Workshop enabling them to be able to deal with welfare issues. The details of your club’s CWO should be available in your club material. As well as a CWOs, the league also has a League Welfare Officer. The FA only uses checks called 'Enhanced Disclosures', which are conducted on an individual to make sure they do not have any convictions which might mean they are not safe to work with young people.

If you are in a welfare role, you will also need to attend the Welfare Officer Workshop. This course builds on the Safeguarding Children Course and is directed specifically towards the Welfare Officers, whereas the Safeguarding Children is attended by referees, coaches etc. You can find information on the courses through our Coach Tab and then Safeguarding. 

Here are details of the current safeguarding support services we offer:

Obtaining a DBS Check (CRC)

Coaches working within an affiliated youth football club must complete their DBS Check (CRC) with their club. This can be carried out via the Club Welfare Officer.

The method for carrying this out is as follows:

Complete an online application via a link provided by the County FA - You will need to contact the County FA to arrange this.

Please note: Anyone receiving a wage from football must pay the additional government charge of £54.

When attending a verification meeting please ensure that you bring along all of the correct documents which are detailed on the guidance notes provided.

The verifier has to sign a legal declaration that they have seen all the correct documents so the County FA cannot be held responsible for incomplete applications which result in the applicant having to attend another verification meeting.

How we handle reported concerns

If you have any concerns regarding the about the welfare of a child or the behaviour of an adult towards a child or young person under 18 years of age in football, please make sure you report it as soon as possible.

As a County FA we have trained staff who have experience in dealing with these concerns and can ensure the necessary action is taken. Even If a concern doesn't meet the criteria and standard required for county involvement, advice will be given to clubs on how to investigate the issue internally using their club's policies, procedures and constitution. All concerns are treated confidentially.

Support for Welfare Officers

If you are concerned about your child or another child in your club, you would normally contact your Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in the first instance. You should be given the contact details of the CWO at the start of the season. If you do not know who your CWO is, speak to a coach in your club and ask for their details. The CWO will normally deal with cases of poor practice and behaviour within your club.

County Welfare Officer Support

For concerns of a serious nature or for advice and guidance contact Designated Safeguarding Officer or or via phone on  01208262989/ 07533 953351

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Sharing Good Practice

Cornwall FA requires that everyone working with under 18s obtains a fresh Safeguarding Children certificate every three years.

Re-certification can be done by completing the free online course which can be taken in the learner’s own time, at their own pace or by re-attending a safeguarding children workshop.

The online course is available to anyone who has an existing Safeguarding Children Workshop qualification or re-certification that is over two years old. You must have previously completed the 3 hour face-to-face ‘Safeguarding Children Workshop’ to take this course

It includes material on safer practice with under 18s, safer use of social media, safeguarding disabled children, listening to children, recognising and responding to poor practice and abuse and how and when to report safeguarding concerns.

For information on accessing the course please see information below. 

Our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Claire Summers-Evans

Claire Summers- Evans- Designated Safeguarding Officer

Get in touch

Claire Summers-Evans

Designated Safeguarding and Governance Officer

By Phone: 07533 953351 (Monday to Thursday 9-5pm)

If out of office hours please leave a message but if you believe a child is in immediate danger please contact the police.

Email:  /


Online Safeguarding renewal

If you need to renew your Safeguarding Certificate and have previously completed a course with us you will be able to renew your Safeguarding online for FREE. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this please click on the link below to download our guide. 

Safeguarding and Welfare Book