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The Cornwall FA PDC - 2013/14 will be the third programme that Cornwall FA have delivered building on the success of 2011/12 & 2012/13.


The Player Development Centre Programme

The purpose of The Football Association Disability Player Development Centre Programme is to identify players deemed to posses a higher level of ability from within grassroots youth football and place them in a technical programme designed to promote individual football development and promote progression to and involvement in Regional Impairment Specific Centres of Excellence or mainstream football activity.

As part of the Disability Player Pathway, a Disability Player Development Centre should represent an opportunity for players to access higher level coaching and dedicated support. The Centre will also provide the host County FA with an environment in which an individual’s suitability to progress to a Regional opportunity can be assessed. It is envisaged that a number of players in any given Centre will be prominent members of a Regional Impairment Specific Centre of Excellence and will utilise the local opportunity as additional training and developmental provision.

PDCs should not be a young player’s only experience of the game. Players must also be actively involved in a Mainstream Club,Ability Counts Club or Regional Centre of Excellence’s sessions and fixtures. The PDC will provide an extended opportunity for CFAs to identify and confirm talent in players.


Criteria to Operate a Disability Player Development Centre

Within the 2013/14 programme, County FAs must ensure that Disability Player Development Centres:

- Include players who are deemed to have higher levels of ability and across a range of impairment groups;

- Recruit a maximum of 6 players with a learning disability (Centres are not permitted to exceed the stipulated number of players with a learning disability registered).

Please note that Disability Player Development Centres must recruit players that can progress to Regional and National provision as highlighted within The FA’s Disability Player Pathway and should have a particular focus on recruiting players with a sensory or physical impairment. Centres must recruit players from the following impairment groups to enable progression to elite levels of performance: 

- Amputee;

- Cerebral Palsy;

- Deaf;

- Partially Sighted;

- Learning Disability.

Female deaf players are permitted to register in the Centre training programme (participation in fixtures organised is not permitted). However, talented players should ideally be referred to the FA Female Player Development Centre or Centre of Excellence Programmes (all individuals should be assessed on a case by case basis).

Natasha Mills (Head Coach) and Rob Brandreth (Assistant Coach) Coach on this programme and deliver technical sessions on a Monday evening between 4-30pm & 6pm at Truro College.We will be holding an open session on Monday 16th September 2013 to assess the players suitability to the 2013/14 programme.



Please contact Warren Parker by email or 01208 262 986/ 07846 293067 for any more information.

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