Cornwall disAbility League Receives Donation

Cornwall FA donate £1000 to support League

Cornwall FA Chairman Geoff Lee attended the October Cornwall disAbility League festival to present a cheque for £1000 on behalf of the Association.

After initially being set up with funding from The FA and several years ago with the aim of long term independent sustainability the league has made great strides in recent seasons and is now at a point where they are a stand alone league. However with that success comes extra costs and Cornwall FA were delighted to donate £1000 to help the league to continue to grow and offer new opportunities to the players.

The 2016/17 saw the league run a local section for The FA peoples Cup and teams from Cornwall qualified for the regional and then national finals, a testament to the hard work and dedication of the league, it's players and volunteers.

League Chairman Steve Borlase explains in more detail what this cheque means and how it will be spent

"This will help the clubs in this league to enter the National dis-Abilities FA People's Cup this season. Last season the clubs and the league covered the cost of the travelling to Bristol for the semi finals and Troon to travel to Birmingham as you can imagine was a massive expense but an experience they will never forget.

The players, parents, carers, support workers and volunteers of the League were shocked and overwhelmed by this cheque. This has given them a massive boost knowing that this will support them in their travels on their adventure in the Dis-Abilities FA People's Cup. Without this generosity of the money they would have not been able to participate this year beyond the regional games.

They have always wanted to be part of the football family, inclusion and given an opportunity to play in the sport they love, knowing they cannot play mainstream football.

Each and everyone of the players face a diverse range of needs and challenges every single day.Football is something they look forward to and  it gives them the opportunity to meet new friends, build confidence and social and communication skills."

If you or someone you know who wants to take part by joining a local club and to play in the League or be a volunteer then please contact Cornwall dis-Ability Football Leagues Facebook page or any of the people below 

League Secretary - Nikki Perryman 

League Chairman - Steve Borlase

Cornwall FA Disability Development Officer - Warren Parker


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