Cornwall FA Statement from Board of Directors

A statement addressing recent changes at Cornwall FA

Many of you will be aware that the Cornwall FA has been carrying out a Workforce Review as a result of a 9% cut in our grant from the FA for the period 2015-2019 and more importantly to align our workforce with current requirements of our business as determined by the FA. This process has taken place over a six month period

I am writing to inform everyone that this process is drawing to a close and has resulted in a restructuring of the business and changes in personnel at the Office together with a realignment of job roles.

During what is a transitional period our priority will be to ensure our level of customer service is maintained and we signpost any enquiry to existing staff members who will deal with matters as required.  

A restructuring process does of course take time when adhering to the strict legal process. Still with this in mind the CFA does hope to announce new roles serving the modern ever growing football community in the near future.

We would therefore hope that you will be able to bear with us during this very difficult period for the Association particularly if you do not get a response in the time you would like.

Our existing staff is working very hard, even though this time of year may be perceived as slightly less busy since no football is being played, to maintain the usual service but they are inevitably under significant pressure being involved in a number of one off events that are taking place in addition to their day to day work.

We thank you all for your contribution in developing the game in Cornwall and look forward to working with you again next season.

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