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Players Suspended From ALL Football For Offensive Social Media Comments

Cornwall Football Association have taken a firm stance against those who choose to place offensive comments on a public forum and it is hoped this will send a clear message to anyone associated with football in Cornwall that such unpleasant comments placed on media sites will not be tolerated. Four individuals have each been suspended from any involvement in all football for two qualifying matches.

The players, who the Cornwall FA have declined to name individually but stated all play for St Day FC, had been involved in writing a series of offensive posts on a public forum. 

"The subject of the posts were insulting towards other players and clubs, using extremely offensive terms” said Phil Bunt, CCFA Discipline Panel Member.

Three of those charged by Cornwall FA in association with the offence of E3 Improper Conduct pleaded guilty by post and the fourth failed to respond and the case was heard without any explanation from him. All four were suspended from taking part in any football activity for a period of two qualifying matches and fined £25 each. Their suspensions will run from 6th January 2014.

"We are determined to see this type of activity stamped out across the county," said Mr Bunt, "and we think that these bans should go a long way to emphasising how seriously we take such matters."

The FA Discipline Handbook 2013-2014
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