Take at look at Cornwall FA's Re-Launched Website. Always working as a team to create the best experience for everyone.

Cornwall FA -Website Relaunch

At Cornwall FA we are here to help and support you and as a County we realised that our website needed to be updated to ensure we carry on supporting you in the best way we can.

At Cornwall FA we are pleased to annouce the re-launch of our fantastic new easy access, updated/new/more information, new features and a newish look that we hope will make your visit to our website a lot quicker and easier for you. Over the past few weeks Jo Small, Grace Dent and Samantha Haworth re-designed the layout for easier navigation.

Samantha Haworth worked close with each staff member to ensure each part of the website is as helpful, informative and relevant to aid you in receiving the best support and guidance that you need.

We as a County Team really hope you enjoy and like the new layout of our website, it has been created and re-designed to ensure everyone receives the best experience and quick easy navigation around our site. To ensure you get the best out of the new website Samantha has listed a few of our new changes below.


So whats new ...

The new website now has 8 pillars along the top, which each has a new drop down menu, with each having a Introduction Page. On each Introduction Page you will find a content list of what is in the drop down menu.

Sponsors and Footers
At the bottom of our Cornwall FA website we now have all the sponsors of The FA that support us within football and are linked to the websites so please click on them to find more information (look below). We also have a new footer with relevant information on, and have moved the old information to the top into the pillars, again for easier navigation. Find all  updated contact, directions and other County Information on the footer.

Website Pages
Around 26 new pages have been added to the website and around 30 have been updated. Each page has new navigation, contents section, documents, pictures and contact details, this is a way we thought of providing quick easy access.

Social Media
We now have updated our social media links and boxes, please click our links which are to the right of your screen and follow or like our page to stay in constant update.

Hard Work
Alot of hardwork has gone into re-designing the new website, please take a look at our new site there's lots to see and learn. Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated and if there are problems then please email Samantha Haworth who will be more than happy to adapt/change information as long as this stays within Cornwall FA's acceptance.

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