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The FA Developing Coaches Through Mentoring Course


This course has been designed by The FA to equip you with the critical skills you’ll need to be a coach mentor.

An effective coach mentor provides on-the-ground support to coaches in their own environment, working with them to identify their specific development needs to then support their learning through feedback, new ideas and guidance.

If you’re an aspiring mentor or are already in a position where you are supporting a coach’s development, this course has been designed by The FA to equip you with the critical skills you’ll need for the role.

It’ll take you through the role of the mentor, help you develop the key interpersonal and reflective skills you’ll need, as well as show how you can introduce a coach-centred approach.

Understand the role of a mentor and principles of effective mentoring

Understand and appreciate the interpersonal skills required of a mentor

Explore strategies for mentoring

Understand mentoring assessment, feedback and goal setting processes

Consider the importance of reflection as a tool for learning

Explore CPD and opportunities for mentors to consider their future development  

Course Overview

Minimum Age: 16 years

Course Duration: Six hours

Price: FREE


Female Coach mentor working with coaches


  • Identify the core skills needed to build rapport and develop key relationships ensuring that the coaches needs are met within a safe environment

  • Demonstrate a coach-centred approach, understanding the importance of enhanced observation skills and its link in delivering constructive feedback to coaches

  • Develop the key mentoring skill of reflective practice to help establish an open and vibrant learning environment

  • Identify how a coach’s needs, strengths and areas of development link to their environment, practice and interventions

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