Football could not run without the volunteers who take on the roles within clubs, leagues and schools they are the backbone of football. If you are a volunteer without your time, dedication and commitment that you and many others show and give for our Cornwall FA then the clubs and leagues would not exist. If you are not a volunteer but have the same drive and want to achieve the same please contact us now.

The Cornwall FA recognize and value the volunteers that keep the game running at all levels. Volunteers can be behind the scenes such as welfare officers, treasurers, club secretaries or out on the pitch to managers and coaches. The Cornwall FA understands the hard work volunteers give and therefore rewards this and always offer support.

There are many ways in which you can help us with rewards and this is by nominating someone that you know through the Barclays Community Sports Awards. The Barclays Community Sports Award, now in its third season, is a monthly award that recognizes the outstanding achievements of individuals who use sport to benefit communities across the UK.   The accolade is awarded each month during the Barclays Premier League football season alongside those for Barclays Player and Manager  of the Month, to highlight the great efforts being made by many in community sport. The award is open to any individual benefiting their community in any sport.

If you know anyone that has given their time and dedication then please follow this link and nominate them for all their hard work: Barclays Community Sports Award.


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