Referee Reporting


Reporting Cautions, Misconducts and Suspensions is an important part as your role as a Referee. Within this section you can find all the information you need regarding reporting offences and personal hearings.


Whenever a Referee cautions or dismisses a player from the Field of Play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, he/she shall prepare a report of the incident or incidents.

All such reports shall be submitted to Cornwall County FA within 2 days of the match (Sunday not included), this report must be submitted via The Whole Game System.

Action will be taken against referees who submit late reports. This is an important aspect of your duties as a referee, as we need time to process your reports and potentially conduct follow up investigations before raising charges.  

Assistant Referees

Assistant Referees shall, where the referee has dismissed a player from the Field of Play or is reporting other forms of misconduct,  prepare and submit a report in a similar fashion as the match referee. A record should be kept of cautions issued in case the County FA requires the Assistant Referee to submit a report. 

Personal Hearings

Referees and Assistant Referees must attend Personal Hearings when required to do so. If a Referee or Assistant Referee fails to attend he/she shall be reported to the appropriate County FA. Any referee having accepted a request to attend a Personal Hearing is then required to close the date with all appropriate Competitions.  

FA Learning - Guide to Misconduct Report Writing

If you have difficulty in compiling your report you can download a PDF version of ‘FA Learning - Guide to Misconduct Report Writing’. This document gives excellent advice on best practice with regard to reports using a range of different scenarios.

Please view our document section below for any guidance, however if you have any queries or questions please contact our Governance Manager Richard Pallot on either  or 01208 269010/