Proposed Sale of Wembley

Here's where you can find out more about the potential sale of Wembley Stadium and what impact it could have on football in Cornwall 

 Since The FA first received an expression of interest from Shahid Khan for Wembley Stadium, they've been working hard to make sure the structure of any deal protected Wembley Stadium as the home of English football and we were able to reinvest all the funds received where they're most needed - to improve the state of grassroots football. 
The FA believe they now have agreements with the public sector funders, the prospective new owner and the game itself that meet our aims for both the conditions of sale and the conditions of reinvestment. The proposals are available for everyone to see, to make their own mind up as to whether selling Wembley Stadium would be the right thing to do for football. 
The FA have discussed their progress with stakeholders throughout the process, but now have concrete proposals. They're putting them forward for full review, so they can be discussed further with the game and in full at Council meetings on 11 and 24 October. 

Football will decide the next step. 
We are running a simple consultation for our participants to engage with, so that our vote on this decision is informed by the views of people across Cornwall. Please download and read the documents below and then send an email to Richard Pallot with a simple Yes (if you think we should sell Wembley) or a No (if you think we shouldn't sell Wembley) richard.pallot@cornwallfa.com 

The decision to sell or not sell the stadium will be made by FA Council on October 24th, our Chairman and FA Rep, Geoff Lee will vote on behalf of Cornwall FA using your answers as a guide