Affiliation for 2016-17 Season Now Open

Clubs can now affiliate for 2016-17

Clubs wishing to affiliate for the 2016/17 season can log on to the Whole Game System to begin the process.

Please click on this link to access the system  

To login you will require your FAN Number or email address, if you do not know your FAN Number please contact Cornwall FA.

If you do not know or remember your password for the system then follow the simple instructions on the login page to re-set your password

The system has now been set-up in order for you to start the affiliation process. When you enter the Whole Game System you will need to click on your role as Club Secretary and then follow the “Affiliate 2016-17” tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen.

Once in the site you will have 8 simple steps to follow to affiliate, this includes updating club officials, entering County Cups and buying insurance.

At each stage of the process you can save the details you have entered and come back to it at a later date, you can also amend any information at a later date as we appreciate club officials, leagues, divisions and other information may change.

When you enter your club’s affiliation form online you will find that last season’s information and teams have been migrated across and updated to how they may appear during the new season (i.e. Under-10s moved up to Under-11s etc). You will still need to review the team details carefully to ensure that they are in line with your club’s actual plans but you will be able to amend this information accordingly.

The Whole Game System will also recognise which cup competition is the right one for each of your teams and calculate any competition entry fees for you.

Once you have completed the 8 steps you can submit your information to Cornwall FA for approval, we will check the details and once approved you will be invoiced for your affiliation.

Clubs have until 30th June 2016 to affiliate and generate an invoice, you will then have two weeks to pay that invoice from the date it is generated. Once the invoice is paid you will be affiliated and be issued your affiliation number for the 2016/17 season, you can pay for your affiliation by debit or credit card online or phone the office and make a card payment

Clubs can also pay by cheque, BACS or cash, however when doing this they must send either an email or postal version of the invoice to the County office, we will then complete the affiliation and process the payment and issue an affiliation number.

The Whole Game System will allow the many volunteer club administrators and other officials to carry out key administrative processes Online, saving valuable time and money.

The Whole Game System can now be used by Club Secretaries to affiliate their club online thereby removing the need to work through the paper based process in order to complete affiliation.

A series of training materials have been produced to assist you through the affiliation process. These include a printed guide, Frequently Asked Questions and a short video detailing the affiliation process. is a link to the training materials

If you have any questions relating to the affiliation process please contact Richard Pallot, Caroline King or Claire Summers-Evans  

Office Phone - 01208 269010

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