More Football With TEAM19

A new way for students at Truro College to take part in fun, friendly football is being set up. TEAM 19 offers students opportunities to compete in a student-led league against college friends, peers and other students.

It’s all part of a drive, backed by British College Sports and Cornwall FA, to increase recreational football opportunities for all students between 16 and 19 years old.  Truro College is the first in the county to set up free TEAM19 leagues for their male, female and ability counts students. Crucially, the league will be run by a group from the College’s sport-based Student Management Team .

Tim Evans, Truro College TEAM 19 Co-ordinator said: “TEAM 19 can really help support our young leaders in gaining skills and experience from running TEAM 19 leagues and events. 

“Team 19 leagues are run weekly throughout the college term with regular fixtures between student teams. Once the league has finished, it can start again the following term and is really flexible with how the students want their league to be run. Truro College is currently promoting TEAM 19, while recruiting young people to become part of a Student Management Team to organise the leagues. “

Kevin Mchale, Truro College Third Team Football Coach said: “As an exercise, it gives the SMT’s a broad overview of what it takes to participate in sport and develop Football for others. It’s really flexible, the students can run it; shape it in any way they see”

If you are a college in Cornwall interested in running TEAM 19 leagues, or would like further information about this exciting opportunity, please visit the TEAM 19 website.