Online Coaching Courses

This page has information about the Online Courses available for Coaches/Club Members to complete via the 'Member Services' area.

Benefits of Online Courses

As a coach it is important to keep your knowledge as current as possible so you are providing your players with the best available coaching. To make this possible we offer Online Courses, some FREE and many that are less than £15. Having the option to take these Courses means that you can do them in your own time and from the comfort of your own home. This reduces the pressure of coaches to attend Workshops and Sessions that could involve travelling, time off work or missing coaching/ matches. 

What we Offer

The FREE Courses we offer are;
-Online Futsal Laws of the Game
-Online Introduction to Equality and Diversity
-Online Laws of The Game
-Respect for Coaches

These can be useful for Coaches who would like to gain more information about football.

We offer these Courses for under £15.00 each:
-Online Safeguarding Children Re-Certification
-Online Coaching Children
-Online Planning, Preparing and Evaluating Coaching Sessions
-Online Player and Match Analysis
-Online Running a Club
-Online Soccer Camp Coaches

These Courses are designed to advance a coach's knowledge on specific areas of the game which can then be tailored to the age or ability of players. These courses also provide information for specific people with different roles within the club.

How To Access Online Courses

To access these online courses you MUST have a FAN (if you do not have one please contact us). This is used to log into 'Member Services' located on the top right hand side of this website. Once on the 'Member Services' page click onto the 'Member Login' link on the left hand side of the page. There will then be the option to use you FAN and password to log in.

After logging in you will be on the 'Home' page of Member Services, you must next click on the 'My Football' link on the left hand side and choose 'Online Courses'. This will bring up the courses available and to access the course simply click the 'Enrol' option in red.

If you have forgotten your password choose the 'Request Access' button or have not used this service before choose the 'Forgotten Details?' button and they will explain how you can login. If you have any problems logging on please contact us on 01208 269 010.

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