Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

Cornwall County Football Association is committed to its responsibilities to safeguard all Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults involved in football.  This responsibility is extended to every adult involved in youth and disability football whether as Managers, Coaches, Referees, Club Welfare Officers, Parents or Spectators.

We maintain the conviction that all children, young people and vulnerable adults have the right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, race, language, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or social/economic background. We are therefore dedicated to creating and maintaining a safer, more enjoyable and inclusive environment for all children, young people and vulnerable adults to participate in football to the best of their abilities for as long as they choose to do so.

Working in partnership with the FA, Statutory Organisations, Leagues, Clubs and individuals is essential to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults. The FA is committed to working in partnership with the Police, Social Services Departments and Local Safeguarding Children's Boards (LSCB) in accordance with their procedures, should we have cause to do so. This is essential to enable these organisations to carry out their statutory duties to investigate concerns and protect all children and young people.

Grassroots football would not exist without the many thousands of volunteers involved today. Ensuring that we encourage those individuals that are suitable for the many roles football has to offer, is essential. Remember that a friendly, well run club is more likely to be successful in encouraging additional volunteers. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that anyone may have the potential to abuse children, young people and vulnerable adults. Therefore all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure unsuitable people are prevented from working in a football environment. Sound recruitment and selection procedures will help to screen out those who are not suitable to work in football.

Cornwall County Football Association is working with the FA as part of its National Game Strategy and acting on legislation outlined in the Children’s Act (2004), Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act (2006), Working Together Act (2010) and Every Child Matters.

As a result of the above Acts, it is now mandatory for all Leagues and Junior Clubs to appoint a fully compliant Welfare Officer.  The mandatory requirements for these roles are that a Welfare Officer must have the following:

•Must have an accepted & valid enhanced FA DBS certificate

•Completed the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop

•Completed the FA Welfare Officer Workshop.

 In addition to the above, it is a mandatory requirement that all those in ‘regulated activity’ as outlined by the DBS (Coaches, Managers, Welfare Officers, Referees in youth football) must hold a valid DBS certificate.

Football and Sport in general helps children, young people and vulnerable adults grow healthily and develop personally, socially, emotionally and physically. It can provide them with opportunities to have an enormous amount of fun and increase their circle of friends. Also, by being supported in setting and achieving their own goals in sport, young people can overcome the impact of challenges and barriers in other areas of their lives. Through football children and vulnerable adults can develop valuable qualities including leadership, independence, cooperation, confidence and self-esteem. It is therefore imperative that the FA and CCFA ensure that we adhere to the DBS ‘Safer Recruitment’ guidance via CRCs so that only those adults deemed ‘fit and proper’ to work with children, young people and vulnerable adults are permitted to do so.

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